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Business Communications

Business success depends in large part on your professional image. Whether you are making a first impression or preparing for public speaking, language skills and communication style are powerful ways in which we display ourselves and affect how others perceive us.

English has emerged as the accepted global language of trade and commerce. Your ability to use language accurately and express yourself clearly can make the difference when seeking a promotion or a new position. Impeccable communication skills will allow you to become the best leader you can be.

Coaching for business communication

Laura Smith is a certified speech-language pathologist who utilizes the principles of adult learning when working with adults who want to improve their communication skills. Whether you want to modify an accent, eliminate stuttering, or simply slow down and clarify your speech, Laura can help. Her methods are effective, efficient, and are individually tailored to each client she coaches.

Laura can help improve many facets of your communication style:

  • Body language
  • Voice tone and volume
  • Choice of words
  • Pronunciation
  • Accent
  • Attitude

The TALK difference

““Laura, last week I got a promotion as a project manager in my company. I just wanted to share with you this good news and say thank you so much for your great and professional work to help me to improve my communication skills. Your great methodology and dedicated labor regarding my accent modification increased not only my communication skills but also my confidence. These factors allowed me to get this important promotion in my professional life. Now, I’ll be working in the area of my interest. Thanks again for your huge help to improve my communication skills.”

Project manager

Goals of TALK SLP coaching for business communication:

  • Targeted goals based on the individual’s objectives
  • Identification of obstacles and a plan to work around them
  • Better visibility within your team and/or company
  • The ability to speak with professional intonation that enhances leadership
  • Crisp articulation and diction with controlled melody
  • Speech within your optimal pitch range with lower and stronger vocal tones
  • Speech from a diaphragmatic breath that will enhance comfort and improve voice projection
  • Use of cognitive strategies to build confidence and minimize fear of leading or risk taking
  • The ability to inspire and support employees to reach their potential
  • Good leadership skills that will improve productivity for yourself and your team
  • Empowered employees who will determine solutions for issues and conflicts
  • A more enjoyable life with better work-life balance

Help is available!

Laura Smith, licensed speech-language pathologist and certified orofacial myologist, is specially trained to assist children and adults in overcoming their communication challenges. Her holistic approach takes into account the person as well as the problem.

Talk SLP LLC offices are located in the Northgate area of Seattle and on Mercer Island, allowing us to serve individuals and families throughout the greater Seattle region of Washington state. Telepractice appointments are also available, where clients can receive consultation and therapy services using online tools.

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