Tongue thrust, articulation, language and /k/ommunication

Receptive Language Delays

Therapy Goals

  • Develop the use of language with word meanings, comparisons, associations, and categorizations.
  • Expand vocabulary by identifying synonyms, attributes, and functions.
  • Use analogies to develop word relationships.
  • Discover how words and word order can change the meaning of a sentence.
  • Use signal, quantity, place, and time-order words.
  • Talk about cause and effect.
  • Identify the relevant details, key words, main ideas, characters, and problems in literature and non-fiction.
  • Increase the use of tense markers, pronouns, plurals, possessives, articles, negatives, and questions.

Help is available!

Laura Smith, licensed speech-language pathologist and certified orofacial myologist, is specially trained to assist children and adults in overcoming their communication challenges. Her holistic approach takes into account the person as well as the problem.

Talk SLP LLC offices are located in the Northgate area of Seattle and on Mercer Island, allowing us to serve individuals and families throughout the greater Seattle region of Washington state. Telepractice appointments are also available, where clients can receive consultation and therapy services using online tools.

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